lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Unit 16:Please leave us a message

Leo: Hi this is andrea. I can't come to the phone night now. Please leave
A message.
Leo: Hello Andrea I'm Leo I was called you because I need talk to you answer
Me when you listen this message.
Andrea:Hi¡¡ Leo It's Andrea. I got your message.
Leo: Hello thanks for calling me back.
Andrea: So, what's up?
Leo: Uh, well do you want to see a movie tomorrow night?
Andrea: I'm really sorry. I can't I have to stay home and clean.
Leo: Oh. How about Saturday night?
Andrea: Ok at what time do you want to meet?
Leo: How about around seven o'clock in the cinema?
Andrea: Ok bye

Unit 15: Where were you born?

Biography: My name is Merielis Mavarez I was born In Maracaibo,
Venezuela In December 3 1987, I'm studying 2nd semester of Mass
Media school at URBE.
I like to dancer, sleep, cook, talking on the phone with my friends.
My abilities are dancing and using computers.

Unit 14: Did you have a good weekend?

Had am spectacular weekend. On Friday I studied for the test all day
And I slept. On Saturday I listend to music,I invited my boyfriend to my house.
On Sunday I cleaned up the house, visited my friend and slept.

Unit 12:What’s the matter?

Karen: Hello¡¡ Ivette how are you feeling?
Ivette: I’m feeling bad
Karen: What do you have?
Ivette: I think that I have
Karen: you must to go to the doctor
Ivette: I think so
Merielis: Good morning threw can I help you?
Ivette: I feeling bad, can I see a doctor?
Merielis: Wait a minute please
Merielis: Doctor excuse me there is a patients that needs help
Yeraldine: Tell her to come in
Merielis: follow me
Ivette: Good morning doctor
Yeraldine: Good morning, sit down please, tell me, how do you
Ivette: I feel very bad I have a fever
Yeraldine: Well open your month breath, ok
Ivette: What is it?
Yeraldine: Well that is am infection but don't worn ok you need to buy this
Medicine, you must take twist a day for Wight days and I'll see you cater you
Can come back in two weeks.
Ivette: Ok thanks doctor see you later.
Karen: Ivette did you go to the doctor?
Ivette: Yes
Karen: What did he say?
Ivette: I have a virus and the doctor told me that I have to take some medicine
I´m going to the pharmacy to buy it.
Karen: Ok see you get better.
Ivette: Thanks.

Unit 10: You can play baseball really well

My talents: I think my talent is to use computer, because I like computers a lt. Look for information In the internet. I also think I have abilities to use computer, and I like them so much that I did a course and I can use the power point program, and other things.
Sport: I like sport. I love tennis, I play tennis with my friends, we practice on Friday we fart at nine is the morning. I think the sport. Is great.
Unit 9: Broccoli is good for you

I love food. I eat a lot of chicken, rice,beef,bread and arepa. Sometimes I eat some cereal, bananas and cream. I usually eat a little of beaens, nuts and yogurt. I think chicken, fish, strawberries, orange are delicious.
I really enjoy eating chocolate, candy, plantain, fish, salads why It’s great. I don’t like broccoli and yogurt. I think they are terrible. I need to eat more vegetables and I need to eat less candy and chocolate.

martes, 27 de marzo de 2007


My presentation

Hi, my name is Merielis but everybody calls me Meri. I’M from Maracaibo originally. I’M 19 years old. I estudy Mas Media at URBE. I live in Maracaibo, in primero de mayo.
I love music, surfing the net talking on the phone whit my friends, pizza, chocolate, my family.
I hate onions, violence, war, injustice and washing the dishes.
My dream is to travel aroud the world, visit the Eiffel tawer in Paris of course.I want to graudate from Mas Media school. Buy a house, get married and star a family.
My opinion about English is what is very important. I need to practique more.